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The ideal candidate for this position in the City Attorney’s Office will have expertise in building and housing code enforcement, nuisances, administrative appeals, and civil litigation; experience in civil litigation and/or administrative hearings and appeals, including affirmative litigation or other expertise and experience that is transferable can satisfy the requirements for this position. Desirable knowledge and experience includes: building and housing codes, blight and nuisance enforcement, foreclosed and vacant housing ordinances, advice to boards or commission and/or City Councils, ordinance and regulation drafting, administrative procedures, including administrative remedies and rule-making, and litigation (including writs, appeals, affirmative litigation, and civil litigation. The litigation experience should be sufficient to both directly handle litigation matters and to work with other attorneys including but not limited to Neighborhood Law Corps attorneys. The position is intended to be in Code Enforcement, Nuisance, Rent Control and Neighborhood Law Corps Unit.

DEPUTY CITY ATTORNEY II or III: Code Enforcement - Description


REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: Investigative Services

The City of Oakland Office of the City Attorney (OCA) seeks to contract with an experienced individual or firm to provide investigation services. It is the goal of the Office of the City Attorney to contract with an investigator who has a demonstrated record of doing investigative work for public entities, particularly in police cases and Section1983 cases. The ideal investigator is responsive to the City's needs, goal oriented, dedicated to high standards of administration, and capable of developing a cost effective investigation program. The information contained in this Request for Proposal (RFP) outlines the requested services. It contains the instructions governing the proposal to be submitted and the material to be included therein; mandatory requirements which must be met to be eligible for consideration; and other requirements to be met in each proposal.

The City Attorney's Office intends to award a one-year contract with an annual option to renew for 1, 2 or 3 year terms to the private investigator/investigation firm selected as most capable of meeting the City's requiremen

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