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Liquor Outlet Enforcement

Oakland has an overconcentration of liquor licenses. Some liquor stores and bars become magnets for drug sales, violence, public nuisances and other problems. Working with police and neighbors, the City Attorney's Office has closed or imposed stricter operating conditions on dozens of problem liquor outlets.

In response to public concern about the negative impacts of bars and liquor stores in Oakland's underserved neighborhoods, the City Attorney's Office created a position dedicated to nuisance and code enforcement prosecution against properties selling alcoholic beverages. 

As a member of the Community Prosecution Unit, our liquor attorney pursues civil and administrative actions against properties that host a range of nuisance activity, from blight and loitering to drug dealing and violence.  The liquor attorney works closely with the Oakland Police Department's Alcohol Beverage Action Team (ABAT), which collects evidence to be used in litigation and investigates properties believed to be involved in the unlawful sale of alcohol or criminal activity in general.

In the last four years the City Attorneys Office and ABAT have closed more than a dozen problem bars and liquor stores and imposed stricter operating conditions on more than two dozen others.