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August 31, 2022 Court Rejects Challenge to Oakland’s Non-Citizen Voting Ballot Measure

August 26, 2022 Federal Judge Indicates Approval of City of Oakland’s “Thoughtful” Outreach and Services Plan in Support of Caltrans’ Encampment Closure Operation on Wood Street

July 28, 2022 Nationwide Coalition of Cities and Counties Urges Federal Law Enforcement Agencies to Issue Guidance Restricting Federal Cooperation With State and Local Abortion Bans

July 21, 2022 City of Oakland Remains Committed to Settling the Lawsuits Regarding the 66-Year Ground Lease of the West Gateway of the Former Oakland Army Base for a Bulk Commodity Terminal With Terms That Include an Enforceable Coal Prohibition

June 30, 2022 Statement from Oakland City Attorney Barbara J. Parker on on This Supreme Court’s Devastating, Barbarous, and Lawless Term

June 24, 2022 Statement from Oakland City Attorney Barbara J. Parker on the Supreme Court’s Decision to Overturn Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey

June 9, 2022 U.S. Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Challenge To Oakland’s Tenant Relocation Assistance Law

February 2, 2022 City of Oakland Agrees to Settlement Framework to Resolve Lawsuits Regarding the 66-Year Ground Lease of the West Gateway of the Former Oakland Army Base for a Bulk Commodity Terminal


December 8, 2021 City Attorney Settles Major Recycling Case Benefitting Oakland Ratepayers

September 13, 2021 City Attorney Wins Major Housing Justice Case Against Local Real Estate Empire for Systemic Tenants’ Rights Violations

February 19, 2021 Golden State Warriors Will Pay $1.2 Million to Reimburse the City, County, Joint Powers Authority for Legal Fees and Costs Incurred in Defeating the Warriors’ Campaign to Escape Their Agreement to Pay Longstanding Debt

January 28, 2021 Oakland City Attorney Resolves Complaints Alleging that Southwest Airlines Violated Oakland’s Sick Leave Law


December 14, 2020 Oakland City Attorney Secures Immediate Relief for Tenants and Neighbors of Two High Fire Hazard Properties Threatening Public Safety

November 19, 2020 Oakland City Attorney Secures Injunction Ordering Humanist Hall Owners to Cease Repeated and Continued Violations of COVID-19- Related Public Health Orders

October 22, 2020 Oakland City Attorney Barbara J. Parker Launches Housing Justice Initiative, Along With New “Know Your Housing Rights” Campaign With Rent Adjustment Program

October 15, 2020 Portland and Oakland Sue Trump Administration for Unlawful Deployment of Federal Agents and Unconstitutional Interference with Local Control

October 8, 2020 Oakland City Council Unanimously Passes Resolution Co-Sponsored by City Attorney Making Implementation of Slavery Era Disclosure Ordinance Top Priority

September 21, 2020 Statement from Oakland City Attorney Barbara J. Parker on the Passing of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

September 17, 2020 Oakland Announces Resolution to Use Gender-Inclusive and Gender-Neutral Language in City Law, Policy, and Communications

September 9, 2020 Nationwide Coalition of Cities Lodges Demand for Records from Trump Administration on Deployment of Federal Agents to Progressive Metropolitan Areas

August 28, 2020 Ninth Circuit Affirms Oakland’s Right to Prosecute Lawsuit Against Wells Fargo for Predatory and Racially Discriminatory Lending Practices

August 25, 2020 California Appeals Court Rejects Golden State Warriors’ Attempt to Avoid Their Debt, Upholds Obligation to Pay Millions to City and County

August 20, 2020 City Attorney Requests Emergency Order to Protect Elderly and Disabled Tenants Against Predatory Operators of Oakside Independent Living

August 6, 2020 City Attorney Secures Court Order Prohibiting Retaliation in Emergency Tenant Protection Suit During the COVID-19 Pandemic

August 4, 2020 City Attorney Parker Joins Fight Against New Trump Administration Restrictions on Employment Authorization for Asylum Seekers

July 31, 2020 Texas Appeals Court Rejects Exxon Mobil’s Efforts to Harass Oakland City Attorney and Other Officials for Filing Climate Change Lawsuits

June 29, 2020 Oakland LCity Attorney Files Tenant Protection and Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Local Landlords

June 24, 2020 Oakland Leads $550 Million National Resolution of Environmental PCB Claims through Nationwide Class Settlement With Monsanto

June 15, 2020 Oakland City Attorney Issues Guidance Reminding All Oaklanders of Civil Rights Protections During the COVID-19 Pandemic

May 26, 2020 9th Circuit Overturns District Court’s Dismissal of San Francisco and Oakland Climate Change Lawsuits  

May 20, 2020 City Attorney Files Emergency Tenant Protection Suit Against Landlords Who Engaged In Unlawful Self-Help Eviction During The COVID-19 Pandemic 

April 8, 2020 Oakland City Attorney & Public Rights Project file U.S. Supreme Court Brief Defending Access to Contraceptive Care

January 28, 2020 Chief Assistant City Attorney Maria Bee Honored with Distinguished Service Award


August 2, 2019 City Council adopts ordinance to increase low-income tenants’ access to housing

July 17, 2019 California cities and counties announce groundbreaking $305 million settlement of landmark lead paint litigation

July 9, 2019 Oakland will continue the fight against a citizenship question on the 2020 census

June 27, 2019 City Attorney files major tenant protection lawsuit against owners of Oakland real estate empire

March 26, 2019 Court of Appeal rules for Oakland in police pension dispute

March 14, 2019 Oakland and San Francisco appeal to 9th Circuit: Hold fossil fuel companies accountable in state court for costs of climate change

March 8, 2019 U.S. District Court Rules Addition of a Citizenship Question to the 2020 Census is Unconstitutional

February 14, 2019 Local governments across the country file legal brief in support of maintaining federal clean air standards


December 11, 2018 City of Oakland files federal antitrust and breach of contract lawsuit against the National Football League, Oakland Raiders and other 31 league teams

November 27, 2018 Oakland City Attorney appoints Public Ethics Commissioner with broad experience in public law, policy and ethics

November 2, 2018 Oakland City Attorney and Centro Legal de la Raza secure settlement with hotel owners who violated workers’ rights

October 15, 2018 Oakland City Attorney Barbara J. Parker statement on U.S. Supreme Court denying to review historic lead paint case

October 12, 2018 Oakland City Attorney Barbara J. Parker appoints Chief Assistant City Attorney to oversee all litigation

May 29, 2018 City Attorney Announcement of Oakland’s Appeal of Coal Ban Ruling

May 18, 2018 Oakland and other localities file brief opposing fed attack on California’s sanctuary laws

May 3, 2018 City Attorney secures $1 million settlement in Chinatown tenant rights case

April 24, 2018 Oakland City Council passes tenant rights ordinance co-sponsored by City Attorney

April 19, 2018 City Attorney secures injunction against debris hauling company that blew dangerous dust into West Oakland neighborhood

April 13, 2018 Statement from City Attorney Barbara J. Parker on U.S. Department of Justice Compliance Letter

March 20, 2018 City Attorney and Centro Legal de la Raza sue landlord for fake “owner move-in”

March 15, 2018 Oakland City Attorney and Public Rights Project launch partnership to support civil rights, economic justice, consumer protection and environmental litigation

January 31, 2018 City Attorney files environmental justice lawsuit against debris hauling company that blew dangerous dust into West Oakland neighborhood


December 8, 2017 Attorney General Becerra Files Amicus Brief Supporting Oakland’s Ban on Storage and Handling of Coal

November 14, 2017 Court of Appeal upholds verdict requiring companies to clean up Oakland homes contaminated with lead paint

September 20, 2017 Oakland and San Francisco sue top five oil and gas companies to make them pay the cost of protecting human life and property from climate change

July 26, 2017 City Attorney’s Neighborhood Law Corps Secures Settlement to Clean Up Former North Oakland Sausage Factory

May 9, 2017 City Attorney’s Neighborhood Law Corps files lawsuit against landlords who illegally demolished tenant’s home

May 5, 2017 U.S. Supreme Court Rules Cities Can Sue Wells Fargo for Racially Discriminatory and Predatory Mortgage Lending Practices that Violate the Fair Housing Act

April 25, 2017 City Attorney's Statement re 4/25/17 Ruling Blocking Trump's Sanctuary City Executive Order Nationwide

March 23, 2017 Oakland and 33 Other Cities and Counties File Amicus Brief Seeking Nationwide Injunction of Trump Administration’s Executive Order Targeting “Sanctuary Jurisdictions”

March 2, 2017 City Attorney and Centro Legal de la Raza sue hotel chain and local affiliate over violations of labor laws and Oakland’s minimum wage ordinance

February 16, 2017 Oakland joins Supreme Court battle to uphold constitutional protections for immigrants held in prolonged detention

January 23, 2017 City Attorney secures injunction against unscrupulous landlords in Fruitvale neighborhood

January 9, 2017 Oakland City Council, City Attorney, Board of Education Directors Inaugurated


December 20, 2016 City Attorney Barbara J. Parker and Vice Mayor Annie Campbell Washington named "2016 California Champions of Choice" by NARAL Pro-Choice California

December 15, 2016 Oakland City Attorney secures $850,000 from former Port operator in bankruptcy court

October 24, 2016 Oakland City Attorney receives "Woman Lawyer of Distinction" Award

August 25, 2016 Oakland City Attorney announces major reorganization

July 20, 2016 Oakland adopts ordinance banning false advertising by anti-choice “crisis pregnancy centers”

June 30, 2016 Oakland City Attorney Sues Abusive Landlords to Uphold Tenant Rights

June 20, 2016 Oakland Councilmembers and City Attorney propose ordinance banning false advertising by anti-choice “crisis pregnancy centers”

March 23, 2016 Federal Court Approves Sale of Notorious Oakland Residential Property to Improve Conditions for Tenants and Maintain Long-Term Low-Income Housing

January 29, 2016 Oakland City Council passes new gun safety laws

January 20, 2016 Statement by Oakland City Attorney Barbara J. Parker on the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to review Texas v. United States


December 14, 2015 Jury Returns Verdict in Favor of City of Oakland in Firefighter’s Hostile Work Environment and Retaliation Lawsuit

December 3, 2015 Oakland City Council will consider measures to decrease the number of injuries and deaths from gun violence

November 10, 2015 Oakland City Attorney files lawsuit against Monsanto for contaminating Oakland waterways and the San Francisco Bay with PCBs

October 30, 2015 City Attorney Statement on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ Denial of City’s Petition for Rehearing in City of Oakland v. Lynch

September 22, 2015 City of Oakland files federal lawsuit against Wells Fargo for damages caused by predatory lending

August 21, 2015 FBI, Oakland Police Department and Oakland City Attorney Target Human and Drug Trafficking at Notorious East Oakland Motel

June 30, 2015 Court appoints receiver to ensure Empyrean Hotel tenants' right to safe and decent housing

April 23, 2015 State Bar Honors Oakland City Attorney Barbara J. Parker as 2015 Public Lawyer of the Year

En Español: La Barra del Estado nombra a la Fiscal de la Ciudad de Oakland Barbara J. Parker Abogada Pública del Año 2015

April 23, 2015 Oakland City Attorney Secures Settlement in Fraud Case against Prominent Taxi Family

April 6, 2015 Oakland Joins National Coalition of Cities in Appeal Defending President Obama’s Immigration Reforms

En Español: Oakland se une, en apelación, a una coalición nacional de ciudades para defender las reformas migratorias del Presidente Obama

March 26, 2015 Oakland City Attorney Sues to Shut Down Violent East Oakland Motel

March 5, 2015 Statement on Dismissal of Oakland's Gang Injunction Cases

March 4, 2015 Oakland City Attorney secures settlements to clean up problem properties

February 11, 2015 Oakland City Attorney files lawsuit against owners of illegal gambling operation

February 5, 2015 Oakland launches reward program for reporting illegal dumping

January 28, 2015 Oakland Joins Coalition of Cities in Legal Action to Defend President Obama's Immigration Reform

January 8, 2015 Oakland adopts comprehensive ethics reform law


December 8, 2014 Oakland City Council to Vote on Comprehensive Ethics Reform Law

September 24, 2014 Oakland City Attorney sues owners of East Oakland apartment complex to provide safe and humane living conditions for tenants and neighbors

August 6, 2014 Oakland City Attorney sues owners of West Grand Hotel for inhumane and appalling living conditions, rampant drug sales

August 5, 2014 Jury returns verdict in favor of City of Oakland in officer-involved shooting lawsuit

July 28, 2014 Oakland and Other East Bay Agencies Reach Clean Water Agreement with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to Protect San Francisco Bay, Local Creeks, Parks and Shorelines

April 23, 2014 Oakland City Attorney Hires Top Litigator for Special Counsel Position

April 2, 2014 Oakland small businesses receive loans through crowdfunding initiative

March 21, 2014 Statement regarding settlement of Olsen v. City of Oakland, et al.

February 20, 2014 City Attorney and Piedmont Avenue bar reach agreement to prevent crime & neighborhood nuisances

January 17, 2014 Statement regarding Ovetz v. City of Oakland, et al.


November 21, 2013 Oakland City Attorney announces record judgment against company that defrauded immigrant families

October 31, 2013 City Attorney receives 2013 Ella Hill Hutch State Award

October 1, 2013 Oakland City Attorney Receives “Distinguished Public Service Award”

October 1, 2013 City of Oakland and Code for America launch "RecordTrac"

September 23, 2013 City Council to consider Illegal Dumping Ordinance

August 15, 2013 Former prostitution hotel sold

August 6, 2013 Oakland cracks down on illegal dumping

July 3, 2013 Court stops federal seizure of medical cannabis building pending appeal by City of Oakland

June 26, 2013 City Attorney Barbara Parker Statement on U.S. Supreme Court Rulings

May 22, 2013 Global microlending organization comes to Oakland

May 20, 2013 Oakland City Council to Vote on Microlending Initiative

May 15, 2013 Oakland Challenges Illegal Practices by Visa and MasterCard

March 6, 2013 Oakland City Council unanimously approves ordinance requiring electronic filing of campaign finance reports

March 1, 2013 Oakland City Council to vote March 5 on ordinance requiring electronic filing of campaign finance reports

February 28, 2013 Oakland City Attorney and Morrison & Foerster appeal federal court ruling in medical cannabis case

February 25, 2013 Oakland Deputy City Attorney to serve on Alameda County Bar Association Board of Directors

January 23, 2013 City Council calls for Federal Assault Weapons Ban, adopts Graffiti Enforcement Ordinance


November 9, 2012 City files opposition to plaintiffs' motion for receivership for the Oakland Police Department

November 2, 2012 City Attorney Barbara Parker and Councilmember Nancy Nadel propose ordinance to enhance penalties for graffiti

October 19, 2012 City Attorney files fraud complaint against local businessman

October 10, 2012 Oakland City Attorney and Morrison & Foerster Sue Federal Government to Prevent Seizure of Building Used by Medical Cannabis Dispensary

October 9, 2012 Neighborhood Law Corps sues nuisance car repair operation

September 28, 2012 City of Oakland prevails in lawsuit against pension board, advises board to stop overpayments to retirees

September 14, 2012 Oakland City Attorney's Mid-Year Annual Report shows major savings for taxpayers

August 24, 2012 Court issues final judgments in hotel prostitution cases

July 20, 2012 Oakland City Council repeals 1930 ban against “immoral” marathons

July 17, 2012 Special Counsel in Oakland City Attorney’s Office appointed to CA State Council on Developmental Disabilities

July 12, 2012 Statement regarding federal actions against permitted medical cannabis businesses in Oakland

June 20, 2012 Oakland City Attorney joins legal battle to preserve local medical cannabis laws -- read the amicus brief

May 31, 2012 Statement regarding closure of hotels catering to prostitution

May 11, 2012 Oakland officials ask public for help in identifying vandals

April 27, 2012 City Attorney files more lawsuits to hold vandals accountable for damage to public property -- read the Woods complaint and the Watlington complaint

April 19, 2012 Trial of Oakland hotel catering to prostitution to continue Friday -- read the Trial Brief

April 16, 2012 Oakland City Attorney Barbara Parker honored at the California Association of Black Lawyers Annual Conference

April 10, 2012 Oakland secures more than $200K in Microsoft anti-trust settlement

March 7, 2012 Oakland sues 24-year-old Elk Grove man for vandalism during "Occupy Oakland" demonstration -- read the complaint

February 24, 2012 Court grants injunction in final phase of People & City of Oakland v. Norteños

February 9, 2012 City of Oakland goes to court against two hotels catering to prostitution

January 31, 2012 Oakland City Attorney Barbara J. Parker named one of the “Most Powerful & Influential Women of California” by the CA Diversity Council


December 21, 2011 Oakland City Council approves “Restoring Democracy” resolution -- read the resolution & staff report and the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision

December 16, 2011 City Attorney Barbara J. Parker is named 2011 recipient of “Bay Area Achievers” Award

November 23, 2011 Deputy City Attorney appointed to serve as U.S. Magistrate Judge

November 15, 2011 Statement on results of Oakland's Special Election

October 24, 2011 City Attorney statement on Edgerly verdict

August 17, 2011 City Attorney Barbara Parker names veteran municipal lawyer and lifelong Oakland resident to head Advisory Division

July 20, 2011 City Council appoints Barbara J. Parker to be Oakland's City Attorney -- read the Council resolution

July 13, 2011 Judge orders notorious Oakland landlords to sell properties -- read the Gardner order

June 10, 2011 Chief Assistant City Attorney Barbara Parker appointed Acting City Attorney --- also see this New Yorker article from April/May 1996