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Notable Cases

Oakland & San Francisco Climate Change Lawsuits

Sept. 20, 2017 -- Oakland and San Francisco sue top five oil and gas companies to make them pay the cost of protecting human life and property from climate change.

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PCB Pollution

Monsanto lawsuit

Holding Monsanto Accountable for PCB Pollution

City Attorney files lawsuit against the Monsanto chemical company for contaminating Oakland storm water and the SF Bay with PCBs. read more


Discriminatory Lending

Wells Fargo lawsuit

Wells Fargo Predatory & Racially Discriminatory Lending Lawsuit

Oakland files federal lawsuit against Wells Fargo to recover damages caused by predatory and racially discriminatory lending practices. read more

Substandard Housing

Empyrean Towers

Empyrean Towers Case

The City Attorney's lawsuit against the owner of notorious 90-unit residential building in Downtown Oakland results in landmark ruling to rehabilitate the building as long-term affordable housing. read more



Prostitution cases

Prostitution & Human Trafficking Cases

Oakland City Attorney's Neighborhood Law Corps sues local businesses that are engaging in or profiting from human trafficking. read more

Medical Cannabis

Harborside case

Medical Cannabis Lawsuit

Oakland files complaint in US District Court to prevent the federal government from seizing a building used by a medical cannabis dispensary. read more

Police Department Reform

riders settlement

Police Reform & Oakland's Negotiated Settlement Agreement

The Negotiated Settlement Agthat ended the 'Riders' police misconduct case in 2003 was designed to ensure effective, accountable and consitutional policing in Oakland. read more