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Opinions & Reports

The City Attorney's Office is responsible for providing legal opinions and special reports to the City Council and the Mayor on legal and policy questions. We also publish an annual shareholders report on financial results, litigation trends and ongoing community impact projects.


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Special Reports & Memos

Tenth Progress Report Police Discipline January 26, 2018

Ninth Progress Report Police Discipline September 29, 2017

Eighth Progress Report Police Discipline June 29, 2017

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City Attorney's Annual Report

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City Attorney's Annual Reports

The City Attorney's annual reports summarize financial results, litigation trends and ongoing initiatives.

City Attorney's Annual Report Fiscal Year 2019-20

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Closed Session Decisions

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Closed Session Decisions

When the City Council makes a final decision in closed session, the City Attorney's Office provides a public report summarizing the decision. Below is a link to recent final decisions made by the City Council in closed session.

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