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Report Problems

Reporting public nuisance problems and getting your voice heard in Oakland, ca

General Information on Reporting
  • Retain your reference # for any report that you file and the contact information for any agency representative that you correspond with about your problem.
  • Report the correct address/location involved.
  • You can request a copy of reports that are public records at Next Request at:

Report to Oakland Police Department

Emergency call:
  • (510) 777-3211 (direct to OPD);
  • 911 
Non-emergency call:
  • (510) 777-3333 
Non-emergency online report:
Suspected Prostitution and Sex Trafficking:

Call in anonymously at (510) 238-2373 or make an anonymous online report at 

Suspected Illegal Drug Activity:

Leave a recorded message at (510) 238-3784 to report recurring illegal drug activity, including details about location(s), person(s) and/or vehicles involved. You always have the option to report anonymously. 


When you witness public nuisance issues connected with an alcohol or tobacco retail location: Call (510) 777-8682 or submit a complaint form available at  

Report to Planning & Building Department’s Code Enforcement

When you witness blight and other Building Code violations on private property. 

  • Call: (510) 238-3381 
  • Fax: (510) 238-2959 
  • Email: inspectioncounter@oaklandca.gov 
Open Counters
(closed until further notice):

250 Frank Ogawa Plaza,
2nd Floor
Oakland, CA

(8:00am–4:00pm (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri); 9:30am– 4:00pm (Wed)) 
  • You can check on complaint activity with Code Enforcement by searching by address or complaint # here:

Report to Public Works Agency via OAK 311

When you witness public nuisance issues on public property, such as illegal dumping, abandoned vehicles, etc. 

  • Call: 311 or (510) 615-5566  
Mobile application:

Download the mobile application OAK 311 to submit complaints there.

You will receive a reference # for your complaint. 

Report to Alameda County Vector Control Services

When you have vermin issues, such as cockroaches, bed bugs, and rats. 


Call: (510) 567-6800 

Report to Oakland Animal Services

For issues related to barking dogs, licensing issues, among others. 


Emergency call: (510) 777-3333 

Non-emergency call: (510) 535-5602 

For more information on OAS Services: 

Other Tips for Getting Your Voice Heard

  • Communicate with your neighbors to understand whether issues in the neighborhood are affecting others as well. 
  • Keep your Community Resources Officer (“CRO”) (formerly Problem Solving Officer) informed about criminal activity that affects you and any related request for assistance, e.g., additional surveillance in your neighborhood. Your CRO can also help give you guidance and resources to address safety issues. Find your CRO here: https://www.oaklandca.gov/resources/find-a-police-area-or-beat. 
  • Attend your Neighborhood Council (formerly Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council) meetings to discuss issues with your Neighborhood Services Coordinator (“NSC”), CRO, other government representatives, and fellow community members. Your NSC can give you guidance and resources to address safety issues. These meetings generally happen once per month. Find your Neighborhood Council meeting schedule here: https://www.oaklandca.gov/topics/neighborhood-councils. 
  •  Attend local business association meetings. Some such groups are a partnership among City representatives, business owners and/or residents. 
  • Contact your City Council member about your issue, especially as part of an organized group of residents and/or businesses. Find your City Council member here: https://www.oaklandca.gov/services/look-up-your-city-council-district-and-representative. 
  • When seeking assistance from the Neighborhood Law Corps (NLC) of the Oakland City Attorney’s office for potential legal action or follow-up on previously reported public nuisance issues, provide the NLC attorney with your contact information, the applicable property address(es), a brief description of the issues, any reference #s for reports that you have filed with a government agency. You can email LawCorps@oaklandcityattorney.org or call (510) 238-6628. For additional information, refer to the NLC’s website here: http://www.oaklandcityattorney.org/Community/NLC.html.