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The Oakland City Attorney's Office is organized into four legal divisions, an operations/support team and an Executive Team headed by City Attorney Barbara J. Parker.

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City Attorney Barbara J. Parker

Jamie Smith / Executive Assistant to the City Attorney

Executive Team

Chief Assistant City Attorney Doryanna Moreno / Advisory Division

Chief Assistant City Attorney Maria Bee / Litigation Division

Special Counsel Ryan Richardson / Labor & Employment Division

Chief Operations Officer Dara Wiseman / Operations Team

Advisory Division
Division Head Doryanna Moreno, Chief Assistant City Attorney

Special Counsel Bijal Patel - Land Use and Real Estate

Land Use & Planning Unit
Michael Branson
Jordan Flanders
Brian Mulry

Real Estate Unit
Lesley Casto
Naree Chan
JoAnne Dunec

General Government & Finance Unit
Mitesh Bhakta
Amber Macaulay
Malia McPherson
Celso Ortiz

General Public Safety & Code Enforcement Unit
Supervisor: Laura Lane
Patrick Bears
Ubaldo Fernandez
Oliver Luby
Kent Qian
Braz Shabrell
Amadis Sotelo

General & Complex Litigation
Division Head Maria Bee, Chief Assistant City Attorney

Supervising Deputy City Attorneys:
Andrew Huang

Jamilah Jefferson

Kevin McLaughlin
Zoe Savitsky

Deputy City Attorneys:
Montana Baker
Christina Lum
Lorena Matei
Courtney O'Brien
Divya Musinipally
Michael Quirk
Han Tran

Law & Motion / Writs & Appeals Unit
Cynthia Stein
Selia Warren

Neighborhood Law Corps
Martha Cardenas Delgadillo
Sam Hwang
Yoona Kim
Alynia Phillips
Cara Reichard

Housing Justice Initiative
Scott Hugo
Zarah Rahman

Labor & Employment Division
Division Head Ryan Richardson, Special Counsel

General Labor & Employment
Caryl Casden
Allison Dibley
Veronica Harris
Meeti Sudame

Oakland Police Departmental Counsel
Supervisor: Deputy City Attorney Brigid Martin
Tricia Hynes