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Oakland City Attorney

Oakland City Attorney

Oakland City Attorney

For Reporters

For the Media

Oakland City Attorney Barbara J. Parker is a strong supporter of open access to government decisionmaking. The Office of the City Attorney strives to answer questions from the media in a timely manner. Due to the sensitive nature of much of the City Attorneys work, we are not always able to comment on issues that are of interest to the media. Despite these limitations, we welcome reporter inquiries and strive to provide as much information as possible in response to questions. 

Press Contact: mediainquiries@oaklandcityattorney.org

Additional Resources

If you have a general question related to the City of Oakland, contact the Public Information Officer: OaklandPIO@oaklandca.gov

If you have a question related to the Oakland Police Department, contact opdmedia@oaklandca.gov

Need a photo of Oakland City Attorney Barbara J. Parker?  mediainquiries@oaklandcityattorney.org

Requesting Public Records

To access specific information or documents generated by a City of Oakland employee or official, any member of the public (including journalists) may make a public records request. Please note that the Oakland City Attorneys Office will respond to requests for public records that relate to the work of this office. If you have a request for a public record generated by a different City of Oakland department or office, contact that office.

Requests for public records may be made orally or in writing (in person/by phone/fax or by electronic/snail mail). However, we recommend that, whenever possible, requests are submitted through the City’s online public records request system

Answers to common questions about the public records request process are available here.