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Quarterly Newsletters

City Attorney Barbara J. Parker shares updates and insights on the legal landscape in Oakland, California, and the nation on a quarterly basis.

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December 2023 Newsletter
Looking Back on More Than Twelve Years of Serving as Oakland’s City Attorney; Recent Legal Highlights; City Attorney Team Spotlight: Executive Assistant Jamie Smith

August 2023 Newsletter
Civil Protection of the People of Oakland Ordinance; Divesting Public Pension Funds from Fossil Fuel Investments; Advocating for Oaklanders: People of the State of California and City of Oakland v. One Rose of Unity, LLC; and Administrative Hearing Officer’s Decision imposing more than $200,000 in penalties against Suprema Meat Co. for failure to abate public nuisances; OCA Spotlight: Meet Chief Operations Officer Dara Wiseman

May 2023 Newsletter
Highlights from our affirmative litigation team; Oakland’s COVID-19 eviction moratorium protects tenants’ housing; State approves Oakland’s Housing Element; OCA Spotlight: Meet Chief Assistant City Attorney Maria Bee.


End of Year 2022 Newsletter
December: Looking back on 2022; City of Oakland Measures Oakland Voters Passed on the November 8th Ballot
July: Reflections on Latest SCOTUS Term; Tenant Relocation Assistance Law Survives Court Challenge; West Gateway Settlement Progress; Racism as a Public Health Crisis

March 2022 Newsletter
March: Parcel Tax for Youth Education Programs Upheld; Settlement Protects Elderly and Disabled Tenants; Speaking Out Against Effort to Destroy DACA Program;  Recycling Settlement Benefits Taxpayers


Traffic Signal Design Protected; Court Upholds Nuisance Business Permit Denial; Oakland Weighs in on “Ghost Guns;” Bookmobile Funds Recovered to benefit Underprivileged Youth; Amicus Support for Finding Prop 22 Unconstitutional
Progressive Hazard Premium Pay Defended; Defending City’s Adopt-a-Spot Program; Affirmative Litigation Updates: Abusive Landlords and Opiods; Protecting the Integrity of Police Officer Misconduct Complaints March 2021: 2020 Year in Review
Golden State Warriors to Pay $1.2M; Settlement Agreement with Southwest Airlines; Humanist Hall Owners Ordered to follow COVID-19 Public Health Orders  January 2021 Relief for Tenants and Neighbors of High Fire Hazard Properties; Cal. Supreme Court Rejects Warriors Bid to Shirk Agreement; Injunction Ordering End to Humanist Hall COVID-19 Violations; Longstanding Tenant Protection Lawsuit Resolved


October 2020 Newsletter
City Attorney launches Housing Justice Initiative; Oakland joins Portland to sue Trump Administration; Court appoints receiver to manage 4110 Fruitvale Ave; Oakland and coalition of other state and local governmental entities win lawsuit against Trump Administration’s effort to exclude undocumented immigrants from being counted in the 2020 Census for Congressional reapportionment
City Attorney’s message about the losses of Justice Ginsburg and Breonna Taylor; City Attorney co-sponsors Resolution that would establish a City Council policy to use gender-inclusive and gender-neutral language in future City laws, policies, and communications; City Attorney co-sponsors Resolution that would make implementation of Slavery Era Disclosure Ordinance a top priority, & more.
City Attorney’s Amicus; City Attorney Wins Lawsuit Requiring Golden State Warriors to Honor Their Agreement to Pay Millions to Oakland for renovations to Oakland Arena; City Attorney Files Lawsuit to Protect Elderly and Disabled Tenants Against Predatory Operators of an Independent Living Facility; Federal Appellate Court Upholds City Attorney’s Right to Continue to Prosecute Lawsuit Against Wells Fargo for Mortgage Discrimination Against Black and Latinx Borrowers
City Council unanimously adopts Tenant Protection Ordinance amendments; City Council extends emergency moratorium on residential evictions; City Attorney Parker joins coalition partners in nationwide class action settlement of lawsuits against chemical giant Monsanto; City Attorney files lawsuit to protect tenants from discrimination based on transgender status and potentially life-threatening conditions; Texas appellate court dismisses defendant Exxon Mobil’s attempt to harass California officials for prosecuting climate change lawsuits; resolution to protect the people of Oakland from Trump’s threats to deploy federal troops to Oakland in response to protests
Council extends Emergency Eviction Moratorium; FAQ Guidance highlighting Oaklanders’ protections from harassment and discrimination during the COVID-19 crisis; Resolution calling for measures to protect lives of detainees and inmates in Alameda County jails and facilities during the pandemic; Lawsuit to stop tenants’ illegal eviction; Reinstatement of City’s climate change lawsuit against “Big Oil;” Housing Justice Initiate video series, & more.
May 2020 Resources for protecting victims of domestic and other interpersonal violence during the Shelter In Place order; Oakland City Attorney & Public Rights Project file U.S. Supreme Court brief defending access to contraceptive care; City Council passes Resolution calling for measures to protect health, safety and lives of detainees and inmates in Alameda County jails and facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic
April 2020 Information/resources about the COVID-19 pandemic; City Attorney’s Office operations during the local emergency; Eviction Moratorium Ordinance & more
City Attorney’s Annual Report for FY 2018-19; Updates on major cases in the 9th Circuit involving climate change and discriminatory lending; NLC wins trial against sex trafficking business
City Council unanimously passes motion introducing the Fair Chance Access to Housing Ordinance co-sponsored by the City Attorney; Chief Assistant City Attorney Maria Bee honored with Distinguished Service Award